How To Get FREE Products to Review

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Have you ever wanted to review products as a blogger or on YouTube? Well, guess what? Lots of reviewers make a living doing exactly this. Read on to find out more!

Using Online Panels

1) Choose a review and test panel online by joining various focus groups. You can start by signing up with Influenster, I-Say Panel, Global Test Market, Smiley360, or Opinion Outpost. These online panels focus on many different products and offer various reward options, so choose which one sounds best to you.

2) Once you have decided which group to join, figure out what products you want to review for them. Some places send people trial or sample product sizes, while others send full-sized versions

3) Your online panel site will need a product review so try to include useful information like what the product, packaging and end result was like. Were you a happy customer?

Establishing An Online Presence

1) First thing’s first, you’ll need to create an online following. You’ll need to be active on social media platforms for this to work. Your reviews won’t be as valuable to companies without a social media following that listens to you. Create an online presence by using Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, as well as a personal blog.

2) Start by reviewing products you already have. Be honest and note the pros and cons of your products to provide useful information that holds value to others.

3) Grow your online following and spread the news of your reviews. Aim for more social media followers and use hashtags and direct company links to your reviewed products.

Selecting Products to Review

1) Find a product niche to review by selecting something that interests you. If you like smartphone cases, for example, go with that.

2) Choose a product without a huge amount of people reviewing it. Big brand companies might hesitate to send you their stuff but smaller, lesser known companies may be the best place to start.

3) Find manufacturers that produce things you want to review. Make a list of companies, keep notes, and any key information. You can search on Amazon for company lists that manufacture products you like.

Contacting Companies

1) Shorten your company list and pinpoint who you’ll approach. Again, you may want to include lesser known brands. They may be the best option seeing as you’re a first-time reviewer. Smaller companies are easy to spot since their websites are usually less professional and hard to navigate.

2) Compile contact information to use once you’re ready to approach them. Typically, most of their contact information is right on their company website.

3) Initiate first contact by emailing each company on your list. Ask to review one of their products on your YouTube channel or blog. Add in all relevant information into your initial e-mail as this will make you look polished and professional.

4) It will take a few days to get a response. On average, it’s 3-5 business days before they return your inquiry. Send a follow-up e-mail if you do not end up receiving a reply to your request.

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